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hpsixwords's Journal

Nineteen years later....

Harry Potter Six Words Stories
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Harry Potter fandom playground
OK... this is JUST beginning.

The idea is? Moving the HP based/friendly RP off from the main comm sixwordstories.
This is NO attempt to rip off the idea of the that comm or anything... Just to relieve the main comm, as I for one think we are actually sort of flooding it.

Membership is open. Membership is currently moderated. If you want to join with a new muse, go to hpmods and comment on the appropriate post to let the moderator(s) know.
Don't forget: IC does not equal OOC.

You know the routine: no title, six words per entry, and RP welcome.

PLEASE no wank, and no attacking other members.


We're affiliated with sixwordstories now!!! :D A big 'thank you' to the mod there!

To keep the timelines separate, there are now two more comms available to your attention:
hpdhsixwords: For the muses who want to play canon pre-DH epilogue.
prehpsixwords: This is set any time before cannon Harry Potter. It can go back to the Founders of Hogwarts.

And, for longer stories and more involved plotlines - most of them get offshoots to this comm, but some of the action happens there - there is hp_random.

The brilliant mood theme currently used is by lidi - Download and instructions here.

And the great header? By r_moony. Give out a round of cheers peeps!