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Posted by bartycrouch_jr on 2008.08.16 at 23:46
Current Mood: curiouscurious
It's been a while..

How's everyone?

bw eyes of doom


Posted by wontletmedie on 2008.05.12 at 22:20
You should click this. Thank you.

this is me

*owl post for Maisie*

Posted by theirteddy on 2008.05.06 at 14:08
Saw this, thought you'd like it.

I love you, kiddo. And I miss you a lot but I'll drop by to visit you soon.



nev water
Posted by longbottom_heir on 2008.05.02 at 19:13
Because they deserved a better tribute.

Dumbledore's Army - Still Recruiting

oh the angst!

*owl delivery to Teddy*

Posted by morelikedad on 2008.05.02 at 14:24
Little bit of Paris for you today.

Malfoy name
Posted by yes_peacocks on 2008.05.02 at 13:13
Scorpius, Day trip to Paris? Come.

go away, can i hide for now

ironically LOCKED FROM EVERYONE but still

Posted by theirteddy on 2008.05.02 at 11:05
Stop it. Just stop it already.

You're making it worse. Just STOP.

Posted by pinkhairedauror on 2008.05.02 at 20:44
Staying home. Not going anywhere. NOT getting drunk. Maisie, you up for cuddles?

I'm sorry. Teddy, Mum. Harry. Loveyou.

gray, faded
Posted by r_moony on 2008.05.02 at 10:39
I know. Trust me. I do.

And I really don't blame you for it.

sulking or cold
Posted by wontletmedie on 2008.05.02 at 12:55
I hated you all for dying.

Yes, all of you. Especially you and you. Unfortunately I am neither drunk nor high so I suppose we'll chalk it up to brutal honesty because some wounds never heal despite time or people coming back.

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